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Using SEO for Plumbers to Boost Your Revenue and Get More Customers

Thanks to the continuous evolution of technology, people in need of services like plumbing need only conduct a simple Google search to find a reputable plumber serving their area. With this in mind, ignoring the possibilities with optimising your website for search engines can lead to disastrous results.

Almost every industry, including plumbing, is utilizing SEO for their websites. Doubtless to say, with the help of experts on SEO for plumbers, your plumbing company can experience a gradual increase on web traffic and, consequently, profit.

Listing Up-to-Date Contact Details

It’s not enough that you have a website for your plumbing firm, especially if it doesn’t contain all the important information that your visitors will look for. Thus, in making simple changes with your current website, make sure that it has your current address and all the necessary contact details. That way, you’re making it easier for your visitors to seek your help in their moment of need.

Also keep in mind that Google Maps now allows mobile users to reach out directly to plumbing companies. When these users conduct a local search, they don’t even have to visit a website for contact information, as they can simply tap at the displayed “Call” button next to a particular company name.

Making Use of Google My Business

Other than updating your company’s contact information, it’s also important that you lead your visitors into your physical office, if need be. Properly targeting your business to the right location can have an effect on your local SEO efforts, and it all begins by setting up your location in your Google My Business page.

To effectively maximize this feature, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve entered your city and prov/state in the address section. This way, Google Maps will be able to grab your location, thus helping you cater to the residents of the exact city you’re targeting.

Having a Mobile Website

Above anything else, ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile use. Keep in mind that majority of Google searches nowadays are being conducted through smartphones, and websites that aren’t mobile-optimized are bound to be ignored by phone users.

All these steps may seem daunting at first glance, but with help from experts on plumbing SEO, your plumbing firm is bound to get more clients in the coming days.


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