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The Things Your Business Needs to Know About Plumbing SEO

Did you know that without the right SEO strategy, your Canadian plumbing business can spend a lot of time and money attracting the wrong audience? If you find that you have had the corresponding increase in website views, but have been dealing with calls and queries from people outside the areas that you serve, then your digital marketing efforts may not have been focused on getting prospects from your local area. Instead of converting these inquiries to sales, you may be wasting your sales team’s time entertaining prospects that would never hire you.

This is where a local SEO strategy comes in, and it is one that ensures that you attract a geographically-relevant prospects to your website.

Here are some aspects that a local plumbing business’s SEO strategy should focus on.

Local SEO 

Local SEO is very different to a standard SEO campaign, with the algorithms for local searches changing and updating on a regular basis. Reports have shown that local search is becoming bigger than ever, with one study showing as many as 59% of consumers now looking for businesses in their specific location. Another study also showed that up to 57% of consumers complete as much as six local searches a year. These numbers only show that many consumers trust what they read and discover in local searches.

What’s even more impressive is that Google have reported that as many as 50% of local searches result in the user visiting the store that they searched within a day. Furthermore, 18% of those visits are likely to turn into a sale.

For plumbers, these figures show that there is a huge potential for their business to be discovered by geographically-relevant potential clients online. It allows their consumers to find them through various channels like Google my business pages.

Online Reviews and Management 

Online reviews have been shown to directly impact your business’s search engine rank. With this in mind, you should try to get your customers to leave positive reviews online for potential customers to find. Small businesses know that word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Online reviews are very much the digital form of this and can be an effective lead generation tool.

To get the best results, Canadian plumbing companies should ask SEO companies to include online reputation management in their digital marketing strategy. Companies who have high scoring reviews on pages like Google, Yelp and other local directories are much more likely to be featured in the top three of Google’s local results page.

To ensure that your Canadian plumbing business remains competitive and successful, you should use SEO services; it is a proven method for ranking higher on local searches where many local customers will likely find you. By trying to do your own SEO, you can be causing damage to both your business visibility and your brand, as competing for page ranking involves adapting to rapid changes in search engine ranking algorithms.

Consider leaving these digital marketing efforts in the hands of professionals. Consult an SEO expert today, preferably one who specializes in helping Canadian plumbing companies succeed. 

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