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Simple Plumber SEO Tricks You Can Employ to Help Increase Website Traffic

Good plumbing is all about fixing problems so that water can flow properly through the pipes. And in a lot of ways, good search engine optimization (SEO) works the same way. By making sure that your website is properly optimized, you can ensure a healthy flow of traffic to it. In this internet-first world, the more people visit your site, the more likely you can convert them into customers. Of course, while SEO may not be exactly your field of expertise as a Canadian plumber, there are quite a few ways to improve your website’s ability to be found online. Check out these tips.

Sign Up for Webmaster Tools

The greatest advantage to digital marketing techniques like SEO is that you can tweak your strategy according to the data you compile. For instance, if you see that people leave your site when they reach the “Contact a Plumber” page, you can tweak the page itself or the keywords in it to make it more visible online. However, first sign up for Google’s Webmaster Tools to collect critical data about your website, such as site speed, crawl errors, time on site, number of pages per visit, and so on.

Have Social Sharing Buttons

Look at almost any website today, and you will see social sharing buttons on the page. This isn’t just for show, according to Search Metrics. Social signals from sites such as Facebook and Twitter now highly correlate to good Google rankings. This is because modern SEO algorithms favor quality content over mere keyword stuffing. If your plumbing tips are good enough to retweet, it must be very high value to users—something that Google rewards with better search rankings. The good news is that social media buttons are super easy to install, thanks to plug-ins.

Fill Out Metadata

It’s not just content on your pages that can attract clicks—the copy you put in the title tags and meta description play a big role, too. In your browser, the title tag appears as the text on the tabs, while the meta description serves as the little blurb beneath search engine results. Both give further context to would-be users, allowing them to better understand what plumbing services you can offer. It also gives Google more information to for its crawlers to collect so that Google can better index your site.

Want help to turn your plumbing company’s website into a lead-generating machine? Get in touch with a digital agency that specializes in Canadian plumber SEO services.


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