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SEO for Canadian Plumbers: Bad Practices that Can Harm Your Marketing Campaign

Plumbing and Yellow Pages once seemed synonymous. Long gone are those days when homeowners rummaged through their drawers and shelves to find the phone book when their plumbing went south. Instead, they now turn to their computer, tablet or smartphone to search for the nearest and most reliable plumber in their area. In fact, 97% of consumers rely on the internet when searching for local products and services. This statistic does not escape the attention of Canadian plumbers. The digital highway enables them to virtually travel to where their market dwells in the sphere of the internet, where a plumber’s vital info stands ready for any internet user encountering a plumbing dilemma.

In digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial element for service providers such as plumbers. Plumbing company websites should be sufficiently optimized for potential clients to access easily..

Like running water, however, SEO poses a moving target for Canadian plumbers. That is, SEO keeps changing and evolving to keep up with the latest user and browser trends. Because of the digital world’s transient nature, it is easy to take the wrong turn when it comes to applying effective SEO. Be aware of the following don’ts when tooling your plumbing website or hiring an SEO professional to do it for you.

Don’t Use too Many Keywords

Strong keywords maintain the pulse of your SEO campaign. Saturation, however, is never good when it comes to keywords. It’s best to limit your focus to two terms per page in order to keep your content concise and natural. Furthermore, don’t try to hide text or links, since they will raise suspicion from search engines such as Google. When Google or another search engine notices any hint of deception to try to make your website rank higher, it pushes your site farther down in search engine results as a form of punishment.

Don’t Produce Spammy Content

Avoid sounding like a desperate plumber who shoves services down people’s throats. No one likes the old hard sell. In fact, many try to turn their backs on such companies. If you want to grab your market’s attention, produce content that actually helps your audience. Make your content insightful, practical, concise, and easy to understand to avoid being flagged as spam.

Don’t Write Fake Reviews

Writing fake reviews about your plumbing services is among the most egregious of offenses. They can definitely ruin your SEO campaign. Also, they are easy to spot, so don’t think that you can get away with it. When search engines and clients find out that the reviews are fake, they will no longer trust you. Your content may even be extirpated, the equivalent of being banished. If you’re not getting a lot of positive reviews, try the tactic of replying promptly and responsibly to each customer’s feedback, whether it’s positive or negative.

SEO for plumbers is best done by professionals who understand both the plumbing and online marketing industries. As a result, the essential aspects of both industries are synthesized to create an effective SEO strategy for your Canadian plumbing business.

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