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Plumbing SEO: How to Control Your SEO’s Results in 3 Important Steps

If you came across this article while searching on the internet, it means you’re wondering what search engine optimization (SEO) can mean for you plumbing business. Before going any further, it’s important for you to realize that if you have a website for your business, plumbing SEO is instantly going to play an important role in its success. This is because unlike other marketing methods that came before it, the results of your SEO strategies are well within control.

SEO allows you to control your rankings, and as such, you have control over how many visitors view your site. This impacts the amount of profit you earn from having an online presence. By investing in your website’s SEO, you invest in its visibility and profitability. To help you take more control over your SEO’s results, here are three important steps to take.

Learn how search engines ‘see’ your site

First things first, you need to understand how search engines ranks websites. Google in particular, ranks sites by crawling and indexing pages, relying on signals embedded in site’s page source codes to learn what they’re about. You need to know how these source codes interact with Google so you’ll know that your website is sending the right signals.

Create engaging content

The way you write and structure your site’s content affects how high you rank in search engines. Additionally, content also influences the keywords your website ranks well for. To make your content engaging, make it clear, original, and informative. Duplicate content, keyword stuffing, wrong redirects, and bad linking are just some of poor SEO choices that search engines penalize. If your content’s words and structures sound unnatural to your readers, you can bet search engines will look at it the same way, and penalize you for it.

Go local

Choosing broader keywords may help you earn a wider audience, but you may end up bringing irrelevant traffic to your site. Avoid this by adding an address your local citations so you can rank for the geographical keywords that relate to your business. Aside from adding a geographical location to your keywords, creating pages on search engine business tools such as Google My Business can also help.

For more specific SEO strategies that relate to your plumbing business’s unique situations, talk to a plumber SEO specialist such as The Successful Plumber.

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