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Why You Need To Rethink Your Plumbing SEO Strategy and Company Slogan

As plumbing is essential in people’s daily lives, competition in this industry is tight. If you’re an owner of a plumbing startup, you need to find ways to set your company apart. While you can resort to various innovative marketing strategies such as social media marketing or SEO for plumbers, you can always win the hearts of potential customers with traditional advertising.

One of the several elements of an effective print ad is a catchy slogan. You can get the attention of your target customers just by using a few words. However, not all plumbing companies know how to take advantage of the power of a catchy slogan. Read on to know if you need to rethink your own company’s slogan.

Slogans Should Be Specific

No matter how witty your slogan is, it won’t work if it isn’t specific about the kind of service you provide. Most plumbing companies post vague and general statements like “Your Number One Plumber!” or “We Help”. You need to have a slogan that will help customers remember your brand. Consider doing wordplay between your company name and the service you provide. Or, try including a source of your ranking to your slogan for more credibility. Just remember that your slogan should have a bit of plumbing SEO and show the unique selling point of your company.

Slogans Should Work Within a Campaign

It is not enough that you have a catchy and honest slogan. Remember, it’ll only work if the rest of the elements of the campaign are effective. So don’t focus on the slogan alone; think of the logo, layout, and overall theme of your advertisement too. All of these elements should work in harmony for you to achieve an effective company slogan.

Slogans Should Never Be Funny

There’s a thin line between funny and witty, and you should never cross it. As stated in the beginning of this article, plumbing is an essential service in people’s lives. So if they find problems with their plumbing systems, they’ll likely go to a trustworthy and credible company rather than the funny one. In addition, you can never be sure if people will understand your humor. So just to be on the safe side, do not create an overly funny slogan.

If the current slogan of your company hit all these criteria, you’re off to a good start. But if not, you better rethink and even start changing your company slogan now.


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