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Marketing for Canadian Plumbers Rely on Content Creation to Achieve Success

The effectiveness of traditional marketing that seeks to put adverts in the paper and fliers through your door has been declining in the past few years, with content marketing at the other end of the spectrum. It involves creating content that is used through various digital media channels, such as social media, television and web pages.

Content marketing has been described by the Content Marketing Institute as “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience”. Through content creation, you are giving your customers something useful to their lives.

In the plumbing business, creating compelling content allows you to show your knowledge and expertise to potential clients. It is through the creation of content and its efficient distribution that makes content marketing an incredibly effective method of marketing for plumbers.

Useful Infographics 

For those who are new to content marketing and creation, infographics are typically long, vertical graphics that incorporate various useful statistics, charts, and graphs. In the plumbing business, infographics give your potential clients information that can help them in their day to day lives.

Infographics are extremely effective because they can be easily passed around social media, shared by clients, and posted on other websites with backlinks to your website. While you can design an infographic on your own, it can be a very time consuming task. If you want to create regular and useful infographics, it’s best to have a professional content marketing company do it for you.

Insightful Videos 

Video is one of the most shared pieces of content. Reports show that 45.4% of people watch at least one video a month, with 90% of users saying that seeing a video about a product or service helped in their decision-making process.

Video creation is a great way for plumbers to showcase their skills and expertise. Video production used to require expensive camera equipment, though recent advances in technology now allow almost anyone to produce their own videos. You can then show your skill in the different services that you offer, giving your customers a clearer picture on how you do your job on a regular basis. 

By using these two methods of content creation for your marketing strategy, you can increase your customer engagement, boost your potential leads and increase conversion rates. Make the most out of these benefits by working with a marketing company to help you with your content creation.

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