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Marketing for Plumbers: The Importance of Interactive Website Design

Although plumbing websites need to offer all of the most relevant products and services, the cruciality of responsive website design is becoming increasingly important. Not only must Canadian plumbing companies be able to offer superior products and services, but they also need to efficiently and immediately cater to the needs of clients using smartphones. Why is this the case and what are some methods to make sure that the correct customers are targeted?

The Rising Importance of the Smartphone

According to the latest statistics, no less than 60 per cent of all Internet access is occurring via a mobile phone. In fact, this figure is expected to rise as a growing number of Canadians use such devices while out and about. In essence, the principle behind responsive website design is the ability for a site to display correctly and be navigated easily when viewed on a smartphone.

Things To Keep In Mind

First and foremost, we need to appreciate the fact that plumbing websites are likely to be laid out differently when compared to portals involving social media or entertainment. In this case, the needs of the average visitor must be addressed as quickly as possible. This begins with a streamlined navigation system. For instance, a plumbing firm could prioritize these topics:

  • Emergency call-out services
  • Boiler maintenance and repairs
  • Heating surveys
  • Replacement parts

In addition, there should be a very easy way for the company to be contacted. Most successful websites employ a telephone number, an online contact form, and even a bespoke widget that puts the visitor directly in contact with a representative. Should these suggestions not be followed, a firm is likely to suffer in terms of online exposure.

The Sales Edge

When we consider that four out of every five smartphone users employ these devices to purchase goods or services, the importance of such approaches becomes clear. It’s only logical then that a plumbing website should be easy to navigate and the visitor should be able to find what it is that he or she is looking for within a matter of seconds.

Plumbers need to take into account this continually advancing technology in order to stay ahead of their competition. Whether the firm is located in a rural location or within a major city such as Toronto, this type of marketing for plumbers is just as critical.

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