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Marketing for Plumbers: 3 Ways Startups Can Beat Their Competitors

In any kind of business, competition is inevitable. You just have to be creative in how to win over your competitors, especially if you own a startup company. It is normal to feel afraid of the bigger competition, but if you know how to sell your brand and run your operations smoothly, you can get ahead of them in no time.

If you’re a plumbing startup business owner, here are a few ways you can beat your competitors by launching marketing for plumbers:

  1. Maximize SEO and Social Media Marketing

Many marketing experts say that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing have somehow levelled the playing field between startups and bigger companies. After all, most of the people now look for products and services online. But, it’s not enough that you have plumbing websites, for instance. You need to learn how to maximize your SEO and social media marketing efforts. Once you do, you can raise your online sales or increase foot traffic to your shop even if you have a smaller office than your competitor does.

  1. Don’t Forget the Basics

While SEO and other digital marketing strategies are ideal for startups, you should never forget basic, traditional marketing techniques. Never exclude email marketing, promo product marketing, and print advertising from your efforts to attract new customers. Just look at Nike, Apple, and other huge brands; they never stop giving free promo products at trade shows and they still advertise in broadsheets and magazines. The trick here is to combine digital marketing with traditional strategies, so you can reach a wider market.

  1. Energize Your Customer Base

It is easier to beat the competition if you have a powerful customer base. Apart from attracting new customers, make an effort to encourage your regular customers to continue buying a product or hiring a service from your company. You can do it by launching a loyalty rewards program or just by simply giving these recurring customers with a sneak peek of your new products. More often than not, people become loyal to the brand if they feel that they have a personal connection with it – an important business factor that some huge companies neglect.

Above all these strategies, you should never feel intimidated by the competition. If you succumb to the fear of losing, it will be harder for you to think clearly and look for strategic ways to win over your competitors.


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