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Marketing for Plumbers: Utilizing Social Media to Attract More Clients

Plumbing is a field that is saturated with service providers, no matter where you are. The good thing is that the market is outrageously vast that there are always a slew of new clients to attract.

Today, however, drawing in new clients doesn’t merely involve creating plumbing websites. With more people using social media sites to look for service providers like plumbers, social media is something that you should utilise. After all, social media sites present incredible opportunities to reach out to homeowners and property owners in dire need of plumbing services. So, how should a plumbing company like yours leverage the potential of social media?

Choosing a Site

First, pick a site that offers more advantages for your particular niche. Other the common ones like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook, there are many more others that still make an impact. Also, some sites are more popular in some parts than others. A plumber should know the site that would provide a larger advantage for marketing.

For instance, if a marketing campaign is targeting property owners, then you need to concentrate on sites that would cater to such an audience. You also have to evaluate the standing of a particular site on search engines. For example, a post on Facebook may do better than, say, one on Delicious.

Creating a Profile

Social profiles get rankings on search engines. When searching for certain services or company, you will see results that include social media profiles of specific companies. For this reason, ensure you create profiles of high quality.

An expert in marketing for plumbers can provide insight on the best way to do it. For instance, including a valid company address and other important contact information will be useful. The limitations of the profile will depend on the site you choose to use or marketing. Better rankings for your social media profiles will attract more searchers and direct more people to your website.

Optimizing for Search

A majority of online users nowadays do their searches on social media. Online users spend a lot of time on these sites. So much so that it is easier to search on Google+ or LinkedIn or Twitter. For example, if a homeowner is already on their Facebook page and realises that they need to hire a local plumber, they can use the search application for that. It means that you have to optimize your social media profiles for search. If such a user can find plumbing websites without going through an engine, it simplifies the process.


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