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Internet Marketing for Plumbers: Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

If you own a small plumbing contracting business, you may believe that having plumbing websites is enough to drive customers to your business. As such, you may believe that content marketing is something solely reserved for the scope and budget of the big players, and you don’t need it.

This would be a huge mistake on your part, as more and more and more people are using the Internet to find and hire a plumber, and your customers won’t be able to find you if you don’t have content marketing. If you’re not bringing in the amount of business that you want, you risk having your equipment collecting cobwebs.

You may still be heavily invested in traditional advertising channels such as billboards, print ads, TV, direct mail, and maybe even the yellow pages, but your reduced profit should tell you that these channels are not as effective as they once were. Today’s consumer can find what they want in a matter of seconds on the Internet without being inundated with sales talk, and as a result, many contractors today shifted their marketing focus on the Internet. Isn’t it about time you did the same?

The reason content marketing and other search engine optimization (SEO) tactics work is because it puts power in the consumer’s hands. Consumers like having choices, and the Internet allows them to choose the service provider they deserve. By simply inputting “best plumber in (insert location here)” customers can find what they need in the search engine results.

Content marketing helps you rank highly in search results and makes your brand easier to find for your target customers. If you want to confirm this, try typing a keyword that you would use to find your business, like “best plumber in Long Island,” for instance. Check the website of the contractor who appears first on the results. You can bet that contractor has a comprehensive content marketing strategy in place that helps him stay on top of search results.

No matter how small the size of your plumbing business, if you want more leads and sales, you need to make content marketing a priority. Learn how to do it successfully by partnering with a firm that does internet marketing for plumbers, such as The Successful Plumber.

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