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Get Ranked on Google Maps for Plumbing Businesses

How do I get my company ranked on Google Maps in my city?

When someone types in “my city” + “plumber”, there are some basic fundamental things you can do as a plumbing company to make sure that you rank as well as possible in the map listings. When someone types in those different keyword combinations, the first step is to have a claimed and optimized Google my Business listing. That’s where you would add your company to the listing and where you would claim your business. If you already exist in Google’s map listings, that’s where you would go in and make edits and modifications. There are some basic things you can do to make sure that you properly optimize your Google map listing but it’s really just a matter of making sure you have the right name address and phone number in there. You will need to add your pictures and your videos and make sure you haven’t done anything that breaks Google’s rules. The second really critical element to getting ranked on Google maps is having the consistency of your name address and phone number with all of the major online directory sources across the web. Some of those might be Yelp, City search, & YP dot com. There are literally hundreds of places where your company’s name address and phone numbers can be listed and Google. In order to determine whether you should be in spot A or spot B or one of those top couple of listings versus spot Z on page four or five is, they want to see that your reference is pretty consistent all throughout the web. The third critical element is having online reviews from your real customers in your true service area. We find that the companies that have the most online reviews tend to rank best in the Google map listings so you want to make sure you have a strategy. A systematic approach where you’re thanking your customers and requesting reviews after each service call and ideally you would do that by sending an email after service to the customer just saying, “Hey thanks so much for your business! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and we’d love it if you’d write us a review” You then give them direct links to the various places where they could potentially write you a review. These are the three elements and if you get these right, claim and optimize your Google my business listing, make sure that you’re referenced with the same name address and phone number on all of the major online directories across the web, and have a lot of reviews from your real customers in your true service area, you’ll be well on your way to getting ranked very strong in the Google map listings. We hope you got value from this! We hope this gives you some ideas and insights on what you need to do as an organization so that you can rank really well in the Google map listings. If you’d like to get more ideas and strategies just like this on how to really effectively market your plumbing business online and everything from search engine optimization to how to build out your website to the actual pages you should have & how you should optimize those pages as well as how you should build your overall internet marketing strategy, contact us for a FREE 30 minute strategy call by emailing or calling 306-974-6100

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