Common Mistakes that Plumbing Websites Make—and How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes that Plumbing Websites Make—and How to Avoid Them

Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, many potential customers now search for plumbers online. After all, it provides them a quick and easy way to see nearby Canadian plumbing companies so that they can better choose which one to hire. But, just as with all customers, web users need to find out if you are worth hiring before they are compelled to contact you. Therefore, the content and design of your website proves critical.

Remember that because of the internet’s proliferation, your website often influences the first impression you make on a potential customer. Hence, Canadian plumbing websites need to exhibit a good design and an easy user interface to delight and nurture leads.

If your website seems stuck or stranded along the internet highway, perhaps it’s saddled by one or more of the following design faux pas.

The Invisible Contact Page

The ultimate goal of a website is to compel customers to contact you. However, too many seeking a plumber online struggle to find the Contact Us page, often hidden in some far-off corner. If you make the lead work hard to find the contact page, they’ll simply find another plumber. Ideally, the contact page link should appear in the website header so that it’s visible and easy to click, no matter what page a user is on.

It’s Not Mobile Optimized

Just how popular are smartphones these days? According to a study by Google, about 40 percent of all Americans now search the web using their smartphones. Therefore, your website needs to be mobile optimized or it will suffer from poor user experience—hard to read text, buttons that are too small to click, or jumbled content. In essence, you want to be where your customers are looking, so, don’t neglect mobile optimization.

Poor Organization

Your website acts something like an online catalog, where your full list of services are conveniently displayed. That being said, people don’t need to see all of your content all at once—which amounts to information overload. In short, make the most important things easy to find from the get-go. For a plumbing website, this equates to presenting your services tab prominently via an easy click. If you specialize in emergency servicing, this too should be readily apparent.

In a world gone digital, one can’t understate the importance of maintaining an excellent website. If your website suffers any of the aforementioned pitfalls, it’s high time to consider revamping it. Find expert help from a trusted digital agency that services Canadian plumbing companies exclusively. Then start attracting more customers than ever.


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