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Basic Ways to Establish Your Canadian Plumbing Business Online Using Good Plumber SEO

The future is looking bright for plumbing service providers in Canada. According to the latest industry reports, you can expect a collective revenue of $12 billion from the industry each year with an expected annual growth rate of about 3.7 percent. Moreover, most of the revenue is expected to come from homeowners constantly who call in whenever they experience problems with their drains, plumbing, heating, and more.

These days, customers like to check online and browse for plumbing service websites before they actually choose one. They will type in keywords relevant to their plumbing requirements and browse those listed in the first few pages. If don’t have a strong online presence, you won’t land in the first two pages of search results thus losing potential clients.

That said, SEO for Canadian plumbing businesses is more than just incorporating the right keywords in your website. In fact, here are a number of plumber SEO strategies you can consider trying today.

Fill Your Website with Valuable Content 

To be recognized in your local community, you first have to establish your name among homeowners. You need to position yourself as a plumbing service authority. What’s the best way to do this?

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to constantly publish industry relevant articles on your website that homeowners can turn to for practical advice. This can include articles about keeping drains clean and clog free or about spotting problems in the plumbing system. The idea is for your website to become a source of valuable information so that they would visit it regularly. And eventually when they need plumbing service, they would think about you first.

Be Sure to Get Your Links Going 

Establishing your brand online also means becoming visible across other websites that can help promote your plumbing service. This include industry associations as well as website on plumbing industry events and conferences. You can also consider putting links to your website on websites of products that you use in your business.

Don’t Underestimate What Directories Can Do for You

Get your website listed in local business directories that homeowners can turn to if they need help with their plumbing. Make sure that you provide complete and accurate contact information too.

Get ahead of other Canadian plumbing service companies by making sure homeowners would recognize your name first. Remember, good SEO is more than just getting good rankings on search engines like Google. For a home repair business like yours, good SEO also means being able to become an authority in the industry so that homeowners will choose to hire your service instead of any other similar businesses located near you.

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